What to do When You Loose Your Car Keys: An Explanation of the Steps One Must Take After Loosing Their Keys

Nobody likes the feeling of loosing something they depend upon using on a daily basis like the keys to a car. A set of lost keys creates a feeling of desperation and helplessness inside ones heart. Although loosing keys is a hassle to deal with, it is easily remedied when one understands the steps he or she must take.

Retrace the Steps you Took During the Past Few Days:

After thoroughly searching one’s home and personal items, one must ask oneself: “when was the last time I had my keys?” Once there is an ideal time frame specifying the time when the keys could have gone missing, it is time to hunt them down. Write down every one you visited and every place you went on a sheet of paper.

Start at the top of the page and contact every one or every business that may have the keys. Describe what they look like and provide a phone number some one can call in the case of their emergence.

If one is not caught in an emergency situation, he or she should allow businesses and people a couple days to call back. The keys may be laying in an obscure place just waiting to be returned to their owner. If this waiting period doesn’t yield results, one must take steps to get a new set made.

Contact the Dealership and Get Every Detail:

Next, the dealership of one’s specific vehicle should be contacted and asked for their advice. It is more than likely that they have an employee who specializes in resolving this problem. However, it is unlikely that the dealership will be able to craft the car a new set of keys without having the car on sight.

Ask the dealership to estimate the cost of making new keys and how long the procedure takes; one will need this information to plan his or her next move. Schedule an appointment with the dealer before worrying about how to get the key-less car to the dealership.

Move the Car to the Dealership:

The easiest thing to do is to hire a tow truck; they will professionally move the car and give you a ride to the dealership. Tow trucks are expensive, but they are a safe alternative to the other methods one can take to move the car. Shop around and ask each towing company for an estimate; therefore avoiding overspending and understanding which tow truck offers the best service.

Get New Keys Made:

Plan on spending at least $100.00 to obtain a new set of car keys; it is a high estimate which will prepare the payer for the expense. Most dealership service centers can create a new set of keys in less than an hour, so one is able to wait in the dealership for them. It is important to have the employee to make two sets of keys. Hide the spare key somewhere where it will never be lost and you will never be in this position again.

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